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Lehman Master’s Degree Research Program

Lehman Master’s Degree Research Program

Take advantage of research educational opportunities to learn skills and make connections that will benefit your future. If you are an aspiring scientist, consider the Lehman Master’s Degree Research Program.

A Collaborative Training Initiative

Give yourself the foundation for a rewarding career in cancer and biomedical research in a challenging, supportive setting that offers access to specialized technology and expert faculty who teach and practice cutting-edge research. This program is a collaboration between Lehman College of the City University of New York, the Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The Lehman Master’s Degree Research Program provides advanced research training through the Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center and the Harold and Muriel Block Institute for Clinical and Translational Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The program combines:

  • Research and training for 15 months in an Einstein laboratory
  • Hypothesis-driven thesis research
  • Biology Master of Science degree from Lehman College
  • Mentorship from Einstein scientists

Benefits & Compensation for Students

Research program master’s students enjoy:

  • A stipend for lab research
  • Mentorship in a collaborative research environment 
  • Career and professional development workshops
  • Opportunities to attend seminars led by Einstein faculty

Applying to the Program

Application to the program is done through Lehman College and includes the following application components:

  • Current CV
  • A recommendation letter from a professor teaching a lab-based course or from a previous or current laboratory research advisor
  • Personal Statement (1 page limit) addressing the following:
    • Your future career goals
    • Describe why you are interested in science and scientific research
    • Describe how your prior education/research experiences have prepared you for working in the lab
  • Describe how being part of this program will help you achieve your goals

For further information on how to apply for the Biology M.S. Program, contact Lehman College Professor Stephen Redenti at or 718-960-2236.

Visit the Lehman College graduate admissions webpage

About Lehman College

Lehman College is one of only a few four-year undergraduate colleges in the Bronx.