Message from the Director

August 31, 2022

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here on this website and in this conversation about cancer in our Bronx community and the nation as a whole. There’s really so much to talk about.

Our hope is that this digital space can serve as a vibrant home for sharing how we care for people and families with cancer, and how we’re looking for solutions to this illness through innovative research in our many research laboratories and classrooms.

Cancer screenings. Clinical trials. Support groups. Treatment options. Research breakthroughs. Educational opportunities. Community events. Drug discoveries.

It’s all here.

But we also recognize that our 50-year-old Cancer Center has a lot of listening and learning to do. We have much work ahead to better understand what people in the community want and need from us to stay healthy, informed, and cancer-free.

You, in turn, can help by adding to our base of knowledge and provide insight into potential new cancer treatments and prevention measures by participating in clinical trials—when doing so makes sense for you. We hope we’ve explained this treatment option well.

Ultimately, we here in the Cancer Center believe that clear and open communication is a form of kindness and care—a way for all people to secure vital access to the most up-to-date and accurate information about cancer.

Along these lines—given that as much as 55% of our Bronx residents are Hispanic, we’re now offering a simple website click to translate all our information to Spanish. It’s just a start. Nearly 1 in 3 people in the Bronx were born in another country, so adding translations for the many non-English speaking among us is on our priority list. In fact, there are at least 27 different languages spoken in the Bronx.

We and others around the country and the world are steadily making progress in our fight against cancer, but it’s still a tough diagnosis to get and discuss. With solid information at your fingertips, we hope you can at least feel more confident about the best next steps for you or a loved one with this illness.

Best regards,
Edward Chu, M.D.
Director, Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center

Dr. Edward Chu MD MMS

Edward Chu, MD

Director, Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center