Blood Cancer Institute Directors & Members

Working in a highly collaborative manner across Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center, global leaders in blood cancer research and care are driving advances in better understanding, preventing, and treating MDS, AML, and myriad other blood cancers. Much of the power of the Blood Cancer Institute derives from the multidisciplinary perspectives, insights, and tools that the members provide.

Blood Cancer Institute Directors

Under the leadership of Marina Konopleva, MD, PhD, Ulrich Steidl, MD, PhD, and Amit Verma, MD, the Blood Cancer Institute is making great strides in expanding treatment options for people with blood cancers.  

Marina Konopleva, MD, PhD

Director, Leukemia Program

Ulrich G. Steidl, MD, PhD

Deputy Director, and Associate Director for Basic Science, Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center

Amit K. Verma, MD

Associate Director, Translational Science, Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center

Blood Cancer Institute Members

The more than 20 members of the Blood Cancer Institute help shape and drive basic and translational research in blood cancers.