Chemotherapy is designed to target and eliminate dividing cancer cells and prevent cancer from spreading—making it one of the most effective treatments in cancer care today.
There are many types of chemotherapy treatments. Each works differently to target your specific cancer. Montefiore Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center offers the latest in chemotherapy treatments, personalizing each treatment plan to individual patient needs.

Innovators in Chemotherapy Treatment and Research

We have a long history of research in the development of chemotherapy drugs and treatment plans. We discovered the mechanism of action for paclitaxel, which led to the widespread clinical use of the drug Taxol and its application in cancer therapeutics worldwide. We also served as Principal Investigators of the landmark Phase III clinical trial (E1199) showing that adjuvant weekly paclitaxel improves overall survival in stage II-III breast cancer. This practice-changing clinical study significantly influenced the clinical practice of early-stage breast cancer around the globe.

Offering Advanced Chemotherapy Treatments

From its first use in the mid-1950s, chemotherapy has continued to evolve in terms of the way it is administered and which cancers it can effectively treat.

Your multidisciplinary team will help determine which chemotherapy treatment option will be the most effective for you. Treatment plans of chemotherapy can be created in combination with other cancer treatments, including cancer surgery, and radiation therapy.

We also continue to conduct research and investigate new chemotherapy treatment options through our active clinical trials.

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