Precision medicine is a powerful, innovative approach to cancer treatment that uses information about the genetic changes in your tumor to determine the optimal course of treatment.
Combined with the patient-centered, evidence-based approach of Montefiore Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center, you can expect a treatment plan tailored to your diagnosis, genes, environment and lifestyle.  

Customized Cancer Treatment

Precision medicine is an integral part of cancer care for many patients at our Cancer Center. If precision medicine is an option for you, your doctors will conduct special biomarker tests to tailor your cancer treatment.  

Precision medicine uses drugs that target specific genetic changes in individual tumors and can mean more effective results along with reduced harm to surrounding healthy tissue.  

In addition to targeting the tumor directly, some therapies target the blood vessels feeding the tumor. By limiting the tumor’s “food supply,” precision medicine helps decrease the spread of the cancer, making it easier to eliminate specific tumor cells.  

Researchers at Montefiore Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center are at the forefront of developing novel precision medicine therapies. Many of our breakthroughs in precision medicine have resulted in clinical trials and improved technologies and therapies that increase cancer care outcomes. 


Cartoon of two scientists working on a lab

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