Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center Women's Task Force Initiatives

Women's Initiative Network Programs

The Women's Initiative Network has started numerous programs and projects to enrich, support, and promote women’s work in cancer research and medicine at MECC. This includes an enrichment and career development support program, a mentorship program for postdocs, fellows, and junior faculty, and an awards program.

Seminar Programs Promoting Women's Research and Work in Cancer

Presentations to the Women's Initiative Network are focused on such topics as gender disparities in science and medicine and career progression for women.

We also collaborate with MECC Seminar organizers and Transdisciplinary Research Program leaders to help ensure that at least 50% of MECC-supported lecturers showcase female faculty presenters.

In addition, we assist with the “Rising Stars” seminar series that promotes science by female trainees and people from underrepresented groups in the field of cancer medicine. This program is run as a collaboration with MECC’s EXCEL Committee in the Training & Education Office.

Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center Women's Task Force Initiatives

Mentorship Program

All MECC postdocs, fellows, and junior faculty are invited to participate in our growing mentorship program. Our goal is to retain women in the cancer field. All those interested should email for more information.

Rowland and Sylvia Schaefer Family Pilot & Feasibility Award for Women in Cancer Research

This award seeks to support basic, translational, epidemiological, and pre-clinical cancer research focused on the goals of one of the MECC Programs. The goal is to support the vision and innovative cancer research developed by female scientists, physician scientist or clinicians from our community. Our initiative network and Mrs. Marla Schaefer expect that this award will provide an opportunity for a Women in Cancer Research to explore new and significant venues in cancer research.

Celebration Dinner

An annual dinner scheduled to launch in spring 2023 will celebrate faculty, trainees, and other women that have done commendable work and achieved so much as part of our MECC community.