Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Keep It Rolling During Colorectal Cancer Month at Montefiore Einstein

With colon cancer on the rise among younger adults, screening is an important part of staying healthy after age 45. Knowing your risk and when you should start getting tested can prevent colon cancer and save lives when caught early.

Consult with one of our Patient Navigators about your risk, when you should start testing, and how to prevent colon cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Team

Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

If you’re 45 or over, getting your regular colorectal cancer screenings is one of the most important ways you can help your colon keep it rolling.


Colorectal Cancer Resources

Most of us don’t think about our colons until we have a problem. Fortunately, understanding the importance of your colon, regular screenings and good habits can make all the difference.


Montefiore Einstein Doctors Are Here For You. Let’s Keep Our Colons Rolling Together.

Montefiore Einstein is a leader in colorectal cancer prevention and treatment. Our doctors perform approximately 14,000 procedures a year and are totally committed to improving the health and well-being of those in the communities we serve.

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